Our story

The original vision was to build a small consultancy that matches the same quality in service as larger practices. Six years on, with a whole load of team culture and some very loyal clients, #teamarrow are an award winning town planning consultancy based in the South East. ‘Arrow Planning’ continues its journey of establishing and building a vibrant, successful business. Pioneering a dynamic new approach to planning that sets them apart from the crowd, their vision is to create a lasting positive legacy for their communities…

Who we are

“We’re the wingman you want at your side as you navigate the maze of local planning”

Team Arrow

Introducing #TEAMARROW of Arrow Planning. We help our clients navigate the maze of local planning and give them the confidence to build high quality, appropriate and sustainable developments that make the best use of space.


Our focus

“We’re their wingman – likeable, dependable and pragmatic”

Our focus is to bring forward positive growth in our communities specialising in delivering complex and strategic projects across the country. With a dedication to create a nourishing working environment, Arrow’s greatest asset is its zestful team of innovators with a shared vision to drive forward good schemes in support of working together with local authorities to achieve a net zero future.

Our team culture brings a unique spirit that fosters creativity, encourages a voice to respectfully challenge and enables sustainable growth. We give honest, informed advice and we have the expertise, experience and relationships clients rely on to unlock the barriers that get in the way of good schemes.

Our vision

“At Arrow, we help reduce the friction that holds up innovative schemes”

We know that local authorities are under pressure to approve good schemes. Our role is to make this process as frictionless as possible
for our clients, because we know that delays, uncertainty and contention impacts their bottom line.

  • We do this by drawing on our local relationships and experience to create a compelling story that makes it clear how a development fits with the location and how it meets everyone’s needs.
  • While providing our clients with an easy, personable and responsive service.
  • And drawing on our market insight to ensure developers can be confident they are building something that’s desirable and fit for the future.


Success for us is high quality, sustainable, profitable

Equally success for us is to continue to strive with our commitment to our Environmental, Social and Governance factors – we make it our own great responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future.

As Arrow evolves, we take pride in the projects we are involved with, the people we work with, and we are mindful of how we work. We see no end to improving our working practices and our ambition to work towards becoming a net zero carbon company continues.

At Arrow, we celebrate you!

Creating a culture that is equal and welcoming to all.