Office Manager

Lia De Simone

Lia joined Arrow in June 2022 and contributes huge value to the team. With a diverse range of experience Lia brings a wealth of knowledge to challenge and propose new ideas for assisting with the daily management of the office. Lia’s background in Art and Design also brings a fresh perspective on assisting her colleagues with the creative marketing and visionary for our company ethos.

Lia's Role

Lia’s role involves managing the accounting and invoicing side of things, in addition to assisting our senior leadership team with the smooth running of the business. Lia’s great sense of humour and fantastic people skills compliments the team culture at Arrow. Lia is passionate about helping Arrow work towards achieving its CSR Accreditation by improving our environmental and social responsibility as a business within our community.

Away from Arrow

Fun fact – Lia is part of the TwinsUK Programme and contributes along with her identical sister to the scientific research of Health in London at St. Thomas Hospital. Aside from work Lia enjoys time with her family, escaping on long walks, brewing Kombucha and refining her creative talent in painting, making frames or teaching herself to sew.

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